Sky King

MembersSky King

Walter  Morosko

Larry  “Fuzzy”  Knight

Garth  Farkas

Sprouting from the San Fernando Valley of Southern California like SuPrimo medicinal weed from a field of tall grass;  comes the band,  “Sky King”, telling through song, their personal tales of the human condition….Living, Loving and Losing !

The “Sky King” songs are written and sung by the tall, lanky, lead guitarist, Walter Morosko, who is accompanied by the other tall, lanky rhythm guitarist and life long friend, Garth Farkas, both originally from the Mid-Western city and state of Youngstown, Ohio.

Well traveled and highly experienced bass player and vocalist, Larry “Fuzzy” Knight, a native of St. Louis, Missouri has been firmly implanted into the concrete and soil of Los Angeles since ’69.

Formerly a member of the legendary rock group, “Spirit”,  Fuzzy also arranged and produced the
 “Morose Tales From The Left Coast” .  Fuzzy’s experience and musical history reflects his myriad influences and reads like a who’s who of blues and rock legends that he has worked, toured and/or recorded with; Albert King, Little Milton, Chuck Berry, Ike Turner, Albert Collins, Delaney-Bonnie & Friends,  Jefferson  Airplane’s Grunt Records and Peter Kaukonen’s ” Black Kangaroo”, and, of course “Spirit”.   Fuzzy has also been the frontman for one of Los Angeles’ best known Rhythm and Blues Bands for the last 18 years, “Blowin’ Smoke”.

“Sky King” is also accompanied on the CD by it’s alter ego band comprised of their musician friends, all who are pro recording and touring artists.  It’s our pleasure to introduce to you

 “Spirits Rebellious”

Lee Thornberg -Trumpet, Valve Trombone

Jimmy  “Z” -Saxophones, Flute, Harmonica

John “JT” Thomas  -Keyboards

Chris  Ross -Drums

Together, they fulfill Walter’s desire to bring his songs or as he describes them,”Morose Tales From The Left Coast”,  …………… to life !     Disillusionment, heartbreak, frustration, loss and, of course,  never ending Hope define years of paying dues in the paradise and often, peculiar world of Southern California. It took many years of playing in Left Coast nightclubs, while having to work the proverbial ” 9 to 5 ” day job, just to barely get by.  All the while,  continually concentrating on turning a musical dream into a musical reality by using their alchemic wiles to accomplish that realization.   Sound familiar ?????

So whether your a musician, an artist or a creative everyday person, we believe that you now what we’re talking about. ……….Never giving up your dream,  another trait of the human condition.

We hope you’ll get as much pleasure listening to “Sky King” as we did in creating our music for you.

 ” Sky King “

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