CD Review -Violent Faith

CD Review-Violent Faith

Violent Faith

Violent Faith

Band:Violent Faith

CD: Violent Faith

Released Jul 07, 2012

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The 13 song CD from Violate Faith featuring

Members: Tracy Kerbuski- Vocals/Guitars  Gary Thomas-Guitars/Backing Vocals/Keyboard

Lonnie Pearo- Bass/Backing Vocals and Dan Puckett-Drums

This is a independent release from the tri-cities area band Violent Faith.Upon listening to the CD I notice that the vocalist had a distinctive voice, in my book that’s good because it adds to being original which is hard to do in this day and time because a bands want to be popular and tend to try to sound like bands that are currently popular with listeners. Music is ever changing but much more diverse than it used to be. It not unusual now for people to have  country, Rock, Heavy metal, Instrumental music, Rap, Hip Hop, Jazz etc on their Mp3 player or USB stick radio’s.I know I have about 1700 songs on mine. In the end this means even more influences on your music.

From the start of the chunky rhythm of ” Breach” Violent Faith kicks the album in gear, followed by another great riff in Breathe. The real gem of this album is Hands, if I worked for a record label this would be the song I would send to the DJ’s at the radio stations! I’m definitely curious to know what others would think of this album! By the way there is a link provided to listen for free and if you wish to buy the album there is a link for that as well Unstable would be a good song to release as a single also. I notice a lot of mood changes of the songs through out the album and I feel this is probably due to the four members having a lot of different influences. Of course with the perfect play list of these songs the listener would be on a roller coaster ride of emotion. These guys are old school metal with a new twist.Into the Light opens with a really cool bass line! and is another good song too. The album finishes up with Flaws and Change with are good songs. 

Violent Faith

Violent Faith

Final word.

This album is good! maybe with a higher quality of recording and less effects on the vocal the album would sound better but the song writing still shines through and has great potential to be even better. I always say its in the arrangement. The singer has a distinct voice and phrases words carefully and thoughtfully to invite you to understand how he feels. That’s the great part of this record! The music’s good and these are good musicians .I like it!

Remember it just a opinion.

Kenneth R. Stringer      CEO/Administrator

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